Christmas Time is Here…

I mentioned in my previous post that W and I were in Vegas and once we returned to Columbia we had company visiting the following weekend. Well in these few days, I was bound and determined to clean the house, put up all the Christmas decorations, and catch up on some work that I should have finished before Vegas. Somehow I did it!

I started by setting out the nativity. I found this nativity last year at Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store after-Christmas sale in my hometown. Miss Cayce’s is the best Christmas store ever in existence! While I was putting this out, I listened to my most favorite Christmas song, “Baby Born to Die” by Bebo Norman. Do yourself a favor and watch this video to hear the song and read the lyrics alongside.

Christmas Decorations NativityNativity by Mark Roberts

After the nativity was in place, I decided to work on our mantle. Our apartment is so small that I didn’t want to worry about clearing off the mantle and then find a place to put everything away, so I decided to keep everything on display and hang our stockings in front. The stocking holders are from an after-Christmas sale at Target last year. The cute little wreaths have a Barboglio look to them so I bought 4 of them at 70% off.

I actually made the felt stockings years ago when I lived in Atlanta. First, I bought the already made felt stockings at Target for $0.99 each. Next I went to Hancock fabrics and bought felt sheets, ric-rac trim, and Fabritac fabric glue. This was a easy no-sew project! I cut the strips and circles out with fabric scissors and simply glued them to the stockings. I made a tree skirt as well. The red felt for the tree skirt was cut from a bolt, but the remaining felt I bought in the sheets.

Christmas Decorations Stockings and Stocking HoldersHomemade felt stockings hung with care
Christmas Decorations Homemade Felt Stockings and Tree SkirtHomemade Felt Stockings and Felt Tree Skirt

Finally I decided to put up the tree and hang the ornaments. I actually waited for W to come home from work so we could hang ornaments together. He told me he “didn’t know where to hang them” and he thought I should do them all by myself. The next day I did so while he was at work again. Our tree is a 4 ft. fake from Target that sits on a Lack side table from Ikea. I have had this tree and table setup for several years but it’s perfect for an apartment. By the way, we will always have fake trees and garlands, as I am allergic to the real thing. Anything real sends me into horrible asthma attacks, so no hating on the artificial here!

Christmas Decorations Christmas TreeOur Christmas Tree

Lastly, I hung our Christmas wreath on the front door. I bought this wreath years ago at Target (also artificial) and decorated the wreath with ornaments purchased that same year. I bought a plastic Rubbermaid wreath holder so I don’t have to take the ornaments off each year. Let me tell you the Rubbermaid wreath holder is worth the investment! I love taking my wreath out each year and hanging it as is – such a time saver!

Christmas Decorations Wreath

Finally I had finished the decorating! We have been in the Christmas spirit since the end of November, including Sophie…

Sophie sports her Christmas bow complete with gingerbread men!

Also, expect more holiday updates on the blog this week, including a look at our first Christmas card!

P.S. All of these married “firsts” are too much fun!

P.P.S.  As always, I apologize for the iPhone pictures – hopefully you get the idea…