The Happs

A lot has happened around here lately leading to a lack of blog posts. There is no way I will bore you with all of the details so here are the main highlights in bulleted form:

  • A while ago I promised some college football news and then never delivered. W and I met at Auburn University so we are HUGE Tiger fans. Two games have come and gone – one with a WIN and the other… a loss. Nevertheless both games were too much fun. The first was here in Cola and we had our best friends visiting for the weekend. We rearranged our couch pillows and throw to celebrate the occasion. The following weekend we visited these same besties in Atlanta for a viewing party at their house. Like I said, too much fun!
    Auburn University decorOur festive couch with orange and blue pillows and a tiger stripe throw!
  • I also promised recipes and have since posted only one. That’s pathetic. I literally have them stacked to share. Rather than dumping them all in this post, I will just let you know that we made this super easy chicken stir fry with some wheat noodles instead of rice. W and I were absolutely amazed at how easy it was to make, how simple it was to clean up, and its deliciousness was equally good served cold the next day for lunch. W says I can make this on a weekly basis and he will never hate it. That is my kind of recipe 🙂
  • The last promise I made and have yet to deliver is news about my latest business venture. You may or may not know that I am a partner of Virtual Marketing Studio and we are the best consultants anyone could ever wish for. I have something else developing that I really am going to devote an entire post to. I’m sure I can force myself to do that next week.

Until then have a freakin’ fabulous Friday and the happiest weekend! I’m going to a happy place in Cashiers, NC with this amazing view!

Cashiers, NC mountains


The Best is Yet to Come

I know that I disappeared off the face of the earth, but let me assure you to hang with me! I have many awesome things to post since they have been piling up in my mind, our tiny apartment and my camera. Here are some teasers of the stories W and I owe blogland:

1. Missoni for Target collection – My personal story is coming!

2. DIY renovations – Who doesn’t love these?!

3. Recipes, recipes, recipes – I have a stack of them I need to share with you all!

4. College Football News – Expect some orange and blue to come your way!

5. New Business Venture – I’m so excited about this. It is somewhat related to our blog header 🙂

Next week will be a full week of updates! Plus I’m sure I’ll have more to add to the list after this weekend. So I leave you with a picture of Sophie, who is rocking a faux hawk since her top knot was hacked by a new groomer. Faux Hawk

In Sickness and In Health

I know the title of this post sounds scary, but let me first assure you that W and I are both ok. This is actually about a loved one’s well being and not our own.

Because we are newlyweds, everything seems great and whenever anyone asks us about married life we let them know we are loving it. But it also means we are grown ups who will have some grown up issues to face. Our first hurdle is dealing with a chronic illness that plagues my beloved grandfather, Poppa John (aka The Man). This disease is pulmonary fibrosis and it sucks – hard. He has had it for quite some time now but we have come to a point where it destroys his ability to do almost anything. The smallest effort requires all of his energy and oxygen. It threatens his plans daily because his oxygen depletes quickly and he must rest to catch his breath. The Man comes from a generation of people who work hard, no matter their plight, so all he wants to do is go to the office each day. Like I said, it sucks really hard.

I have been in Texas for two weeks now, one of which Poppa John was in the hospital and the other I spent in my childhood home with my parents and my youngest sister. I was there trying to offer help and comfort to whoever needed it. Although I think we all needed it. My extended family on my mother’s side is not normal – but in a good way. We are extremely close with all of our aunts & uncles (including greats), and cousins (both first and second). My grandmother, Poppy, has been amazing but I suppose that comes with their 60 years together.

I am back at home with W now and we are getting back into our normal routine. He was able to spend a long weekend in Texas over the course of my stay, but two weeks is a long separation as newlyweds. I don’t tell those who ask about marriage and all that it entails these details so this was my chance to talk about it. Prayers for Poppa John would be greatly appreciated – we sure do love The Man.

Life. It Happens.

Wow. W and I have been so busy lately. Have you noticed the lack of posts? Because I’m sure you have. Since the last update we have had two weeks fly by. The first week was busy due to every day things such as working 9 to 5 (this phrase always makes me sing Dolly Parton in my head – I actually love Dolly Parton). This was followed by another weekend in Atlanta where W attended the PGA Championship and I celebrated a girl friend’s birthday. Another week passes working 9 to 5, we fail miserably this week at eating at home, and then it is followed by a weekend of cleaning house, organizing our hectic schedules and allowing our brains to decompress (i.e. doing nothing) but we did eat homemade meals again!

Now that the house has been cleaned I can share a little project I was working on in the dressing room. You might remember we took a little trip to IKEA and I bought some white Ribba frames here.  Well now I am ready to reveal the results of this project! I found the picture below on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect for the wall above the couch in the dressing room.

I had two shopping bags that I had saved because they made me happy. Now they could act as art! I figured that the shopping bags surrounded by other bright and fun pieces could really fill the expanse of the wall. Here is my almost finished product!

As you can see, the wall isn’t totally done as two frames need to be filled and I actually need to purchase another small frame but I think the layout looks great! To frame the shopping bags, I cut them in half down the side panels because they were too bulky to insert as a whole. The Tory bag had a very thick handle of grosgrain ribbon so I had to cut off the knots that held it in place. Rather than have my handles hang in front like the inspiration image, I decided to pull them behind but show bits of them so you know they are there. It was such an easy thing to do. When it came to hanging them, I used the method that John and Sherry of Young House Love used on their wall of frames. I have used the parchment paper/wax paper trick on another project and I find the glossy ads much easier to deal with.

So what do you think? I think its awesome because Ribba frames are cheap, the shopping bags are complimentary (with your purchase of course) and the end result was so easy. Everyone needs a wall of shopping bags!

Ch- Ch- Changes!

Yes that’s right, we have some changes happening around here. I’d like to think David Bowie was singing about them in his hit from the ’70s. Doubtful, I know.

Change #1
This is actually a series of changes all brought on over the course of the engagement and since the wedding.  Rather than give you way too many details I will just give you a quick outline.
Engagement –> Wedding Planning –> Wedding –> Moving to a different state –> Unpacking and Organizing Existing Things –> Unpacking and Organizing New Things (wedding gifts) –> Settled in New City (but now we have a lot to explore!)

Change #2
W and I love food – and good food at that.  Before the wedding we would eat out a lot (like almost every night). Now that we are married and trying to save money we have decided to limit ourselves to eating out only twice a week. This means we are cooking which also means I need great recipes.  STAT.  As we find winners I will be sure to post them here with all the details.

Change #3

This is not me, but the inspiration for my wedding ‘do

I spent an entire year growing out my hair for the wedding.  That’s right – from the day we were engaged until the day we were married – was one year exactly.  I have never been a long hair person, I usually cut it when it has grown past my shoulders and starts driving me crazy.  However my wedding ‘do needed long hair so I stuck with it.

Blunt Bangs and Long Straight Hair

Anyway, I made a big change to my hair yesterday and it wasn’t in the length. Instead, I decided to get bangs!  I’ve had bangs before and I loved them, but one day I thought to myself that they might not mesh with a potential formal updo, so I grew them out pre-wedding.  I am getting used to them and training them to lay flat again (takes about a week in my experience) so I have a picture of someone I don’t know with similar tresses.

I promise to give everyone updates on the effects of these changes as we experience them. Until then have a happy Friday and weekend!

Wandering #1

So I’m starting this blog to keep in touch with folks and provide a fun record of mine and W’s first year together (or more, we’ll see).  I also think it will be a great way to keep in touch with our friends and family that are spread throughout the nation.

A little about us: we met the first weekend of W’s freshman year at Auburn University at a fraternity band party. I’m originally from Texas and he is originally from Atlanta. We were married June 4 on the most beautiful, blessed day of our lives. The entire wedding weekend was absolutely perfect! After a fabulous honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, we’re back to everyday life which includes but is not limited to: working, homemaking unpacking and organizing, spending time together and with friends, and loving our dog Sophie.

We hope you will follow us as we wander through this first year together!