My Apologies

I have been MIA for almost a year. And this wasn’t the first time things went radio silent at Watkins Wanderings.

It seems that each time I approach a year mark of silence, I muster the energy to write a few posts. Then I disappear. Again.

Life is busy, we Watkins are a happy bunch, and the lack of posts isn’t for lack of content. In fact, I have so many things I would like to post but time escapes me. After creating and posting content to the interwebs all day, every day for clients I spend my minute amount of free time with the husband, pups, and friends. Sans computer, which means no personal blogging.

There are plenty of people in this world who can manage a full time job, own a house, have a happy life and meaningful relationships, and blog all at the same time. I guess I’m still trying to find that balance, so I’m posting today to issue my apologies.

I’m going to attempt to blog again. There will probably be more photos than words so that I can blog quickly. First on my list is a house update… coming tomorrow!

**P.S. When I proofread this post, I read “all day, err day” in a Lil’ Jon voice. You should too 🙂


Sophie, overseer of hours spent online