Catching Up

After a month and half of no posts, I have quite a bit of catching up to do. There are many excuses as to the lack of posts, but let’s cover the important pieces that document what W and I have been up to as newlyweds. For evidence of these events, please refer to the gallery at the end.

Late October

The weekend of October 23 we traveled to Dallas to meet my family and extended family on my Mom’s side. We were celebrating the first ever Poppa John Day at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat St. Louis, we were living large in a suite, and Poppa John got to go onto the field when the game ended.

The following weekend was Halloween so we stayed in Columbia hoping for trick or treaters. We had absolutely no one stop by our house, so W and I ate the candy ourselves.


As I have previously mentioned, Poppa John was suffering due to health problems. Two weeks after Poppa John Day, he passed away on November 7. W and I flew to Texas on November 8 and back to Columbia on November 13. The service in Abilene was beautiful as we celebrated the life of Poppa John and now his life eternal with Christ.

The weekend of November 18 we traveled to Atlanta for the wedding of one of my best friends. It was so much fun and absolutely perfect! She looked gorgeous!

The next week on November 23 we flew to Las Vegas for a Burleson Family Thanksgiving. While in Vegas, we took Poppy to see lots of shows (including Jersey Boys, Elvis Cirque du Soleil, and La Reve Cirque du Soleil) all of which were very good. An afternoon was spent watching Mario Batali cook pizza where I stood next to possibly one of his most fanatic followers (she was cray-cray). Finally, Saturday we spent ALL DAY LONG in Lagasse’s Sports Stadium watching college football.


The weekend following our return from Vegas we invited W’s family to visit us in Columbia. I took his sister and mom to experience the Junior League Holiday Market (this was a much bigger deal than we expected). We took everyone to our favorite restaurants including Terra, Hunter Gatherer, and The Gourmet Shoppe.

Finally last weekend, December 9-11, W and I relaxed at home. I think we have our Christmas presents covered so we are able to relax until Christmas in Atlanta with W’s family.

Needless to say, in between all of the weekends above, we are busy with everyday life. Hopefully I can stay a little more current with the blog so there won’t be any more posts like this one. Sorry for the brain dump!


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