Orange and Blue

You may remember when I mentioned W and I preparing for our Auburn friends visit to Cola, but I did not reveal another piece of my plans and preparations. In addition to our couch makeover, I wanted to have something hanging on the front door to display our team pride. After doing some research on Pinterest, I decided I wanted to make a ribbon wreath. Typically ribbon wreaths aren’t my style, as I think many of them can look messy, confused, or immature, but the picture below did not seem to be any of those things.

I was determined I could craft one very similar, except mine would be orange and navy blue without the F (as we are Gator haters). I began with the following supplies: a straw wreath form, scissors, floral pins, a glue gun, and ribbon cut into 4.5″ strips. Now I should have noticed that I needed many different types of ribbon, all with different yet corresponding patterns. I, however, did not take note of this and came home with only 5 different ribbons. I started creating my wreath by folding the ribbon strips and pinning them to the wreath form. After several days, I realized I either needed more ribbon or another plan.

Determined to be craftastic, I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and A.C. Moore for more types of ribbon. Sadly, I could not find any orange or navy ribbon that was different than what I already had. I considered returning everything that Hobby Lobby would possibly take back, when I thought I would look on Pinterest one more time for a different type of inspiration. I wanted this craft project to work! I found inspiration photo #2 below and decided to go for it. This idea looked easy and fast – which was great news because it was Friday morning and our guests would arrive that evening.

After wrapping the wreath form with navy ribbon and securing the ribbon with hot glue, I decided I would hang it from the door using a bow. This inspired me to use something different as my focal piece. Using the strips of orange ribbon, I looped them and hot glued them to a round piece of cardboard, creating a flower. The center of the flower I created with another piece of cardboard wrapped in the navy polka dot ribbon. After attaching the flower to the wreath with hot glue, the end result was good enough to hang on the door.

AU Ribbon Wreath

Clearly I need more craft projects and practice to reach my goal. Craftastic – here I come.