Life. It Happens.

Wow. W and I have been so busy lately. Have you noticed the lack of posts? Because I’m sure you have. Since the last update we have had two weeks fly by. The first week was busy due to every day things such as working 9 to 5 (this phrase always makes me sing Dolly Parton in my head – I actually love Dolly Parton). This was followed by another weekend in Atlanta where W attended the PGA Championship and I celebrated a girl friend’s birthday. Another week passes working 9 to 5, we fail miserably this week at eating at home, and then it is followed by a weekend of cleaning house, organizing our hectic schedules and allowing our brains to decompress (i.e. doing nothing) but we did eat homemade meals again!

Now that the house has been cleaned I can share a little project I was working on in the dressing room. You might remember we took a little trip to IKEA and I bought some white Ribba frames here.  Well now I am ready to reveal the results of this project! I found the picture below on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect for the wall above the couch in the dressing room.

I had two shopping bags that I had saved because they made me happy. Now they could act as art! I figured that the shopping bags surrounded by other bright and fun pieces could really fill the expanse of the wall. Here is my almost finished product!

As you can see, the wall isn’t totally done as two frames need to be filled and I actually need to purchase another small frame but I think the layout looks great! To frame the shopping bags, I cut them in half down the side panels because they were too bulky to insert as a whole. The Tory bag had a very thick handle of grosgrain ribbon so I had to cut off the knots that held it in place. Rather than have my handles hang in front like the inspiration image, I decided to pull them behind but show bits of them so you know they are there. It was such an easy thing to do. When it came to hanging them, I used the method that John and Sherry of Young House Love used on their wall of frames. I have used the parchment paper/wax paper trick on another project and I find the glossy ads much easier to deal with.

So what do you think? I think its awesome because Ribba frames are cheap, the shopping bags are complimentary (with your purchase of course) and the end result was so easy. Everyone needs a wall of shopping bags!


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