Weekend Wanderings

Since this blog is intended to document our life as newlyweds, I plan on using Mondays to post about our weekend happenings. I know that some weekends will be more interesting than others, but I figure it is the best way to keep a record of what the heck W and I are up to.

This weekend we returned to the big city. We stayed with W’s family, ate at some of our favorite spots, and celebrated the wedding of a close family friend. W and I realized that there are indeed things we miss about the city, but at the same time we really are happy and thankful to live where we are now (the Palmetto state). We had some of the good food that we both enjoy and miss, which included stops at Goldberg’s on West Paces and Houston’s. Deliciousness. We also took a quick trip to IKEA to get some white Ribba frames. I have plans for them in the dressing room that I’m hoping I can reveal later this week!

I have to say that so many things at the wedding triggered our favorite memories. After all, our wedding was only two months ago so the memories are fresh. Certain songs that the band played, the taste of champagne, and a beautiful cake that was strikingly similar to mine spurred conversations between W and I. All I can say now is a big thank you to both of our parents because our wedding weekend was absolutely perfect! I knew this already but it was reconfirmed this weekend so THANK YOU!!!

Also W brought these home on Thursday last week for our two month anniversary. They make me happy 🙂 And yes I know the iPhone quality isn’t ideal


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