Small Space Solution

As newlyweds in a new city and state, we are also renters finding our bearings and learning what we love and don’t love about this new place. Our apartment is in a location that we decided we LOVE. When we decide to buy, we definitely want to stay where we are. We also love our apartment because it is old and has a ton of charm including high ceilings, giant moldings, and architectural details galore.

If only this charm could make up for the interesting floor plan. Our living room is large and open to our dining room which isn’t so much. Our bedroom is nicely sized, but the second bedroom… I’m not even sure a daybed would fit!  Due to the lack of closets, we are actually using the second bedroom as my dressing room – i.e. a rolling rack, dresser, and small couch occupy this space.

The cherry on top is our kitchen, or lack thereof. Don’t get me wrong, our kitchen will work for now. We are accomplishing our goal of cooking most meals at home. I have described our small kitchen to many people, but no one really believes me until they see it. Pocket doors lead to our small cube, which is only nice when we want to pretend it doesn’t exist. Here is a picture that my mom took while visiting and helping with the unpacking and organizing process (hence the mess surrounding me). While my parents were here we devised a solution for this small space.

The solution? A pot rack but we needed to find one that wouldn’t hang too far from the ceiling. We have 10′ ceilings but W and I didn’t want to be dodging pots and pans as we would walk through the small space. Luckily there was a bit of unused ceiling right inside the doorway and we found a pot rack intended for low ceilings, the Enclume Low Ceiling Bar pot rack. Now all of our pots and pans hang above our heads, leaving more cabinets to be filled with other kitchen tools and enough space for both of us to fit in here at once.  I will continue to share any other handy products that change the way we live!

Left Side of the Kitchen
Right Side of Kitchen
Enclume Low Ceiling Bar Pot Rack

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