Life. It Happens.

Wow. W and I have been so busy lately. Have you noticed the lack of posts? Because I’m sure you have. Since the last update we have had two weeks fly by. The first week was busy due to every day things such as working 9 to 5 (this phrase always makes me sing Dolly Parton in my head – I actually love Dolly Parton). This was followed by another weekend in Atlanta where W attended the PGA Championship and I celebrated a girl friend’s birthday. Another week passes working 9 to 5, we fail miserably this week at eating at home, and then it is followed by a weekend of cleaning house, organizing our hectic schedules and allowing our brains to decompress (i.e. doing nothing) but we did eat homemade meals again!

Now that the house has been cleaned I can share a little project I was working on in the dressing room. You might remember we took a little trip to IKEA and I bought some white Ribba frames here.  Well now I am ready to reveal the results of this project! I found the picture below on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect for the wall above the couch in the dressing room.

I had two shopping bags that I had saved because they made me happy. Now they could act as art! I figured that the shopping bags surrounded by other bright and fun pieces could really fill the expanse of the wall. Here is my almost finished product!

As you can see, the wall isn’t totally done as two frames need to be filled and I actually need to purchase another small frame but I think the layout looks great! To frame the shopping bags, I cut them in half down the side panels because they were too bulky to insert as a whole. The Tory bag had a very thick handle of grosgrain ribbon so I had to cut off the knots that held it in place. Rather than have my handles hang in front like the inspiration image, I decided to pull them behind but show bits of them so you know they are there. It was such an easy thing to do. When it came to hanging them, I used the method that John and Sherry of Young House Love used on their wall of frames. I have used the parchment paper/wax paper trick on another project and I find the glossy ads much easier to deal with.

So what do you think? I think its awesome because Ribba frames are cheap, the shopping bags are complimentary (with your purchase of course) and the end result was so easy. Everyone needs a wall of shopping bags!


Weekend Wanderings

Since this blog is intended to document our life as newlyweds, I plan on using Mondays to post about our weekend happenings. I know that some weekends will be more interesting than others, but I figure it is the best way to keep a record of what the heck W and I are up to.

This weekend we returned to the big city. We stayed with W’s family, ate at some of our favorite spots, and celebrated the wedding of a close family friend. W and I realized that there are indeed things we miss about the city, but at the same time we really are happy and thankful to live where we are now (the Palmetto state). We had some of the good food that we both enjoy and miss, which included stops at Goldberg’s on West Paces and Houston’s. Deliciousness. We also took a quick trip to IKEA to get some white Ribba frames. I have plans for them in the dressing room that I’m hoping I can reveal later this week!

I have to say that so many things at the wedding triggered our favorite memories. After all, our wedding was only two months ago so the memories are fresh. Certain songs that the band played, the taste of champagne, and a beautiful cake that was strikingly similar to mine spurred conversations between W and I. All I can say now is a big thank you to both of our parents because our wedding weekend was absolutely perfect! I knew this already but it was reconfirmed this weekend so THANK YOU!!!

Also W brought these home on Thursday last week for our two month anniversary. They make me happy ūüôā And yes I know the iPhone quality isn’t ideal

Small Space Solution

As newlyweds in a new city and state, we are also renters finding our bearings and learning what we love and don’t love about this new place. Our apartment is in a location that we decided we LOVE. When we decide to buy, we definitely want to stay where we are. We also love our apartment because it is old and has a ton of charm including high ceilings, giant moldings, and architectural details galore.

If only this charm could make up for the interesting floor plan. Our living room is large and open to our dining room which isn’t so much. Our bedroom is nicely sized, but the second bedroom… I’m not even sure a daybed would fit! ¬†Due to the lack of closets, we are actually using the second bedroom as my dressing room – i.e. a rolling rack, dresser, and small couch occupy this space.

The cherry on top is our kitchen, or lack thereof. Don’t get me wrong, our kitchen will work for now. We are accomplishing our goal of cooking most meals at home.¬†I have described our small kitchen to many people, but no one really believes me until they see it. Pocket doors lead to our small cube, which is only nice when we want to pretend it doesn’t exist. Here is a picture that my mom took while visiting and helping with the unpacking and organizing process (hence the mess surrounding me). While my parents were here we devised a solution for this small space.

The solution? A pot rack but we needed to find one that wouldn’t hang too far from the ceiling. We have 10′ ceilings but W and I didn’t want to be dodging pots and pans as we would walk through the small space. Luckily there was a bit of unused ceiling right inside the doorway and we found a pot rack intended for low ceilings, the Enclume Low Ceiling Bar pot rack. Now all of our pots and pans hang above our heads, leaving more cabinets to be filled with other kitchen tools and enough space for both of us to fit in here at once. ¬†I will continue to share any other handy products that change the way we live!

Left Side of the Kitchen
Right Side of Kitchen
Enclume Low Ceiling Bar Pot Rack

Wandering through Gardening

Since W and I are aiming to cook most of our meals at home, our monthly budget has changed drastically.  While we are saving money by eating at home, our total spending at the grocery store has definitely increased.  Thankfully we have something helping keep the cost of groceries down and that would be our homegrown herbs.

I do not have a green thumb and I never thought I could keep herbs alive, let alone grow them. My MIL helped start our herbs when we moved into our apartment. We have a covered porch that had two planters filled with dry soil when she came to visit. She and I found a great nursery where we purchased basil, italian parsley, rosemary, oregano, and cilantro. We also bought impatiens to add a little color to each pot and an arrowhead plant to provide shade to the cilantro.

These are pictures of our homegrown herbs at the beginning (forgive the quality of the iPhone!):

And these two pictures are the planters today!

Here are the tips passed on to me that some of you may want to know:
1. Spend a day checking the area periodically to know the sun and shade patterns and  note what time of day they occur.
2. Plant your herbs together based on those that have similar needs for sun and shade.
3. Place your pots in locations appropriate to the sun and shade requirements for your herbs.
4. Water! Water your plants as often as needed. My MIL suggested sticking your thumb in the soil to see if it is dry or not. When my thumb feels dry soil, I water the plants. Here in the South with this crazy hot summer, I water them every day.
5. Be careful not to over water – plants can drown too! My watering can is the perfect size needed for my pots. My MIL advised this purchase!

I’m absolutely thrilled to say that with the encouragement and knowledge passed on to me, I have not only kept these herbs alive but they have grown immensely. We now look for recipes that include basil, oregano and rosemary as they have really thrived.¬†I don’t know specifically how much we have saved by having the herbs on hand, but I can tell you we have saved! More importantly I have gained confidence that one day I will have a green thumb. I’m already planning on gardening and landscaping our imaginary yards!