Ch- Ch- Changes!

Yes that’s right, we have some changes happening around here. I’d like to think David Bowie was singing about them in his hit from the ’70s. Doubtful, I know.

Change #1
This is actually a series of changes all brought on over the course of the engagement and since the wedding.  Rather than give you way too many details I will just give you a quick outline.
Engagement –> Wedding Planning –> Wedding –> Moving to a different state –> Unpacking and Organizing Existing Things –> Unpacking and Organizing New Things (wedding gifts) –> Settled in New City (but now we have a lot to explore!)

Change #2
W and I love food – and good food at that.  Before the wedding we would eat out a lot (like almost every night). Now that we are married and trying to save money we have decided to limit ourselves to eating out only twice a week. This means we are cooking which also means I need great recipes.  STAT.  As we find winners I will be sure to post them here with all the details.

Change #3

This is not me, but the inspiration for my wedding ‘do

I spent an entire year growing out my hair for the wedding.  That’s right – from the day we were engaged until the day we were married – was one year exactly.  I have never been a long hair person, I usually cut it when it has grown past my shoulders and starts driving me crazy.  However my wedding ‘do needed long hair so I stuck with it.

Blunt Bangs and Long Straight Hair

Anyway, I made a big change to my hair yesterday and it wasn’t in the length. Instead, I decided to get bangs!  I’ve had bangs before and I loved them, but one day I thought to myself that they might not mesh with a potential formal updo, so I grew them out pre-wedding.  I am getting used to them and training them to lay flat again (takes about a week in my experience) so I have a picture of someone I don’t know with similar tresses.

I promise to give everyone updates on the effects of these changes as we experience them. Until then have a happy Friday and weekend!


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