A Winning Recipe

Oh my we have found a winner! W and I looooove Italian pizza. We ate it twice a day everyday when we traveled through Italy in 2006. Pre-wedding we both lived in Atlanta which had some almost-as-good options. But now as newlyweds we have been at a loss for truly amazing pizza.  Until I found a recipe for pizza dough here.

We went to Williams Sonoma where we bought this Emile Henry pizza stone, this pizza peel, and a jar of pizza sauce (if you have any merchandise credit like we did, this is a great way to spend it!). Once we had the tools, we made the dough as directed, brushed the dough with olive oil, topped with the pizza sauce, sliced roma tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, and fresh basil from our patio.  W wanted some pancetta which he laid underneath the mozzarella. Make sure your oven and pizza stone are preheating for quite some time at 475, then cook your pizza for 12-15 minutes.

Our end result was amazing! I have a feeling we will be eating our pizzas often.

homemade italian pizza

P.S. I promise that for future recipes I will post pictures of the process as well as the end product!


Ch- Ch- Changes!

Yes that’s right, we have some changes happening around here. I’d like to think David Bowie was singing about them in his hit from the ’70s. Doubtful, I know.

Change #1
This is actually a series of changes all brought on over the course of the engagement and since the wedding.  Rather than give you way too many details I will just give you a quick outline.
Engagement –> Wedding Planning –> Wedding –> Moving to a different state –> Unpacking and Organizing Existing Things –> Unpacking and Organizing New Things (wedding gifts) –> Settled in New City (but now we have a lot to explore!)

Change #2
W and I love food – and good food at that.  Before the wedding we would eat out a lot (like almost every night). Now that we are married and trying to save money we have decided to limit ourselves to eating out only twice a week. This means we are cooking which also means I need great recipes.  STAT.  As we find winners I will be sure to post them here with all the details.

Change #3

This is not me, but the inspiration for my wedding ‘do

I spent an entire year growing out my hair for the wedding.  That’s right – from the day we were engaged until the day we were married – was one year exactly.  I have never been a long hair person, I usually cut it when it has grown past my shoulders and starts driving me crazy.  However my wedding ‘do needed long hair so I stuck with it.

Blunt Bangs and Long Straight Hair

Anyway, I made a big change to my hair yesterday and it wasn’t in the length. Instead, I decided to get bangs!  I’ve had bangs before and I loved them, but one day I thought to myself that they might not mesh with a potential formal updo, so I grew them out pre-wedding.  I am getting used to them and training them to lay flat again (takes about a week in my experience) so I have a picture of someone I don’t know with similar tresses.

I promise to give everyone updates on the effects of these changes as we experience them. Until then have a happy Friday and weekend!

How did it all begin?

I know this blog is supposed to chronicle our life as newlyweds, but most people wonder how we got here. It all started with the proposal. W worked so hard to make it memorable and magical.  Here’s how it went down:

You see W had a new job that was 3 hours away from A. After the long distance relationship began, W and A planned to meet each other in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  W insisted that A leave work early on Friday afternoon in order to beat traffic and arrive in time for dinner.  She had no idea that anything was going on, as W had only started his new job a week earlier.  

A actually beat W to the destination that afternoon.  Once W arrived, he told her that they were meeting friends for drinks before going out to dinner.  They walked to the friends’ garden that overlooks the mountain ridge, and A asked “Where are they?”

After the EngagementW and A

This began W’s explanation, a short walk around a corner that revealed champagne and hors d’oeuvres, and then he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.

She said yes and they excitedly hurried to dinner to celebrate.  When they arrived, A found more surprises as her parents and W’s family were there to celebrate too!

Needless to say, that proposal started it all: the planning which led to the perfect wedding, the wedding led to the ahh-mazing honeymoon, and now we are back to present time where A and W are blogging about life as newlyweds.

Wandering #1

So I’m starting this blog to keep in touch with folks and provide a fun record of mine and W’s first year together (or more, we’ll see).  I also think it will be a great way to keep in touch with our friends and family that are spread throughout the nation.

A little about us: we met the first weekend of W’s freshman year at Auburn University at a fraternity band party. I’m originally from Texas and he is originally from Atlanta. We were married June 4 on the most beautiful, blessed day of our lives. The entire wedding weekend was absolutely perfect! After a fabulous honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, we’re back to everyday life which includes but is not limited to: working, homemaking unpacking and organizing, spending time together and with friends, and loving our dog Sophie.

We hope you will follow us as we wander through this first year together!